The decline of Western Civilization and its key reasons

A study of western civilisation indicates that its overall level of consciousness is currently in decline such that even formal education is no longer a safeguard against blatant non-integrity and the gross falsehoods persuasive in the media and academia.

The ego is not our enemy but rather a pet to watch over.

As Freud discovered, we repress our animal nature out of guilt and then project it onto others or a deity that purportedly has the same character defects as the worst humans.

You can watch and listen the key things we learnt and shared in the session.


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How does ‘Realism’ influence on the world in relationship with Consciousness?

Do you want to become Sheep or Wolf in life? What paradigm you can have? People, leaders and nations who believe in realism can face catastrophic results both positively and negatively. You can know in this video and you can comment with your thoughts or question if you have any, please.

David Hawkin says in his book that:

it is a significant error to assume that others share one’s same values.

•Throughout history we see the cost of this naiVeté. 

Consciousness calibration instantly reveals the essence of the wolf hidden in the appearance of a sheep.

It is a severe error to misperceive, not a minor one. 

UK Prime Minister Chamberlain’s lack of realism (cal. 185) led to his failure to protect his country. 

Consciousness calibration reveals the truth of any political or diplomatic conflict, as each side’s underlying intention can be instantly discovered. 

and much more 

Click on the video to know most useful content on this topic :


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Why do humans not attack with teeth but with words and other weapons? Let’s study, share and learn.

I conducted that class two weeks ago and was astonished to read, and share new things about consciousness had been changed with human evolution. Click on the link to watch it.


Consciousness in Micro-organisms, Animals and Birds

How consciousness evolved from micro-organisms to multi-cellular, reptiles and birds, all things you can know in this video. Click to watch it.


Paranoia and overcoming negative programing

I conducted an online class today and it may give you key valuable information about the paranoic mindset from Dr David Hawkins’s research.

click to watch the video to know more.


Five Steps for Self-Healing

Do you know you can reverse your dis-ease? You have the power to unfold the mystery of healing. In this video, you will get to know the secrets of self-healing based on Dr David Hawkins. Click on the video link to watch. 


Spiritual Awakening after Addiction

Many people who used to be addicted or on severely addictive behaviour, become sources of guidance for millions. in fact, addictive bad people are future gurus. In this episode, we read and discussed how step by step process of addiction can lead you to the experience of spiritual awakening to give emotions from shameful life to joyful and angel life. 

Today, In the class recording you can go through all contents.


Twelve steps in removing the blocks to quit ‘Addiction’

Do you have guilt about not being able to control your addictive substances in-take every day?

Do you want to know how to quit your bad addictive behaviour step by step?

This episode can be helpful for you. Click below to Watch and listen and make notes if you are really serious about it.



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How to Quit any Addiction | Drugs|Alcohol | Porn|Video Games| Gambling|Lust etc

Addiction like Drug-Heroine/Gambling-Money/Food-Health/Smoking/Video Games/Internet/Excessive-Work/Alcohol etc is seen everywhere and everyone. 

Unfortunately, there are many myths and poor misunderstanding to know about Addiction and us including Teens, adults, communities, and nations are suffering of it.

I have designed a free online course for you where you and me both will learn and do activities altogether. We will understand Truth about Addiction, emotional states and why it is so dangerous. More importantly, how to recover from any addiction, step by step process we will learn and follow.

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I believe these weekly sessions can help you to quit any addiction you have and improve quality of life in all roles and achieve your goals with serenity.

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Will you be interested to do unethical business?

Last Sunday we had important online class and here its recording for you.
You can join us every Sunday for 60 minutes to learn, share and apply, great new values to your life.
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I believe these weekly sessions can help you to improve quality of life in all roles and achieve your goals with serenity.

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If you are not enjoying your current life then ?

Do you love or hate your Job? 

Do you enjoy or ditch in your relationship ? 

Why you don’t work with passion ? 

In this class, we will read key text from the legends about how and why we must enjoy our life in all roles. If we don’t enjoy it than how we can pursue enjoying by changing career or relationship. 

You can join every Sunday class session by clicking link below and registering your details on Zoom.

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Anyone can join it. Ideally computer /laptop with mic and speaker but any smartphone or tablet can work as well. 


Maratib Ali Shad


Spiritual Training for Managing Children’s Behaviour

In this video class, we will learn about what key questions an enlightened Parent can ask child to Awaken the child.

Why we need to blame Parents instead of children? #video #parentingcoach #childdevelopment #onlineclasses #spiritualgrowth #eckarttolle

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Parenting and Children (Spiritual Reasons) In the light of Eckart Tolle’s work

Parents and Children (Spiritual Reasons) – Watch the intense episode for parents, adults and older people. Join the channel for more deepest thoughts based videos. #parentsupport #childrenswellbeing

•Parents may watch helplessly in incomprehension and disbelief as their little angel becomes transformed within a few seconds into a little monster.
•Children are not fooled by parents who try to hide their pain-body from them, who say to each other, “We mustn’t fight in front of the children.“
Parents often wonder how to deal with their child’s pain
•Some children learn subliminally about ego and pain-body simply by living with very unconscious parents.


Coaching session between Eckhart Tolle and a client

Do you feel lonely, in depression and had abusive relationship? This video can help you to understand it and provide you solution. Subscribe the channel for more videos.

This is true story of a girl, explained by Eckart Tolle in his book. She said she felt lonely and unfulfilled. There was much anger and sadness. As a child she had been abused by a physically violent father. She was ready to awaken, and this is why she had come. Another dimension had come into her life that transcended her personal past—the dimension of Presence. I explained that I had just witnessed a major release in someone with a very dense pain-body and that what she felt must be some of the energy that was released during our session. My friend, however, didn’t want to stay and listen. She wanted to get away as soon as possible.

Here is class video recording for whole story.



THE MILL, THE STONE, AND THE WATER by Philosopher Poet Rumi

All our desire is a grain of wheat,

Our whole personality is the milling-building.

But this mill grinds without knowing about it.

The millstone is your heavy body.

What makes the stone turn is your thought-river.

The stone says: I don’t know why we do all this,

but the river has knowledge!

If you ask the river, it says,

I don’t know why I flow.

All I know is that a human opened the gate!

And if you ask the person, he says:

All I know, oh gobbler of bread, is that if this stone

stops going around, there’ll be no bread for your


All this grinding goes on, and no one has any


So just be quiet, and one day turn

to God, and say: “What is this about bread-making?”


(translated by Robert Bly)

Voiced by: Maratib Ali Shad


‘The Jar with the Dry Rim’ by Sufi poet philosopher Rumi

The mind is an ocean I and so many worlds

are rolling there, mysterious, dimly seen!

And our bodies? Our body is a cup, floating

on the ocean; soon it will fill, and sink ….

Not even one bubble will show where it went


The spirit is so near that you can t see it!

But reach for it …don’t be a jar

full of water, whose rim is always dry.

Don’t be the rider who gallops all night

and never sees the horse that is beneath him.

(translated by Robert Bly)

(Voiced by Maratib Ali Shad)


Psychology of innocency of criminals

Why do we cry when we feel in guilty?
when we do crime or violate some laws in result of our unconscious living than shall we still be punished or not?
People, who have possessed with dense pain-body, are still responsible for their wrong-doing and act of being in guilty?
In this class, we have tried to understand deeply background of the crimes or illegal actions or act of being guilty and what are their hidden reasons. Eckart Tolle in his book “The New Earth” explain this dimension of life with spiritual and logical reasons.
Click here, listen, watch and learn it.


How knowledge about myself important for greater listening skills ?

Last Sunday we had group video live class to explore questions such as:

  • We are blind to certain sides of ourselves.
  • we project the same qualities onto others that we deny in ourselves.
  • Why some people keep a worthy idea hidden from their managers?
  • Why some people keep their feelings hidden?
  • Why we should identify our behaviour mode at work?



Roots of sufferings of Women Deepest discussion on gender war

Last Sunday, I had group video coaching class on gender issues.

We discussed couple of hot issues like:

  1. What is male and female energies?
  2. Why females have more openness and sensitive ?
  3. What is significance of balance energies between male and female ?
  4. Why millions of women were tortured and killed during last few centuries by the Roman Church ?
  5. Why our world is out of balance between male and female ?
  6. Are men responsible for conditions of women being suppressed ?
  7. Why men feel threatened by the female ?
  8. Is Ego in the women lesser than men? And it is losing faster today, why?
  9. Why women are suffering by childbirth, rape, slavery, torture and violent death?


Last Sunday on 6th March, I organised a class for online course on recognition of pain-body. You can watch on the following link to go into details and find the answers of such questions as:

Why our marriages are at risk to be failed most of the times?

Why husband and wife relationship is sometime so painful for each other?

Why an unimportant thought even trigger your pain-body to break-up your relationship with your spouse ?

How we can transform our relationship by having awareness about ourself ?

Why we become abusive and violent even in front of children?

You can join our online and live group course on “ How the process of Pain-body work? Follow the links to register and participate every Sunday, help yourself to change y our life completely. 


How your childhood and parents experience shaped to become level of listener you are right now?

Stephen Covey says that in order to influence on other you must be empathic listener. However, for it is important how your childhood-parenting experience went through. You need to know how your parents caused you the level of listener you are today. This video explains this fact as several dimension to find out the realities. Watch out…




Does all such violent contents based movies are bad?

Today, I conducted a group coaching session on Zoom and Facebook on on-going topic of identification and managing Pain-body, on the idea narrated by Eckhart Tolle. It went very well and I have uploaded its video recording on this link.


Eckart Tolle says in his book “A New Earth” that This dysfunctional thinking is what the body reacts to with negative emotion. The emotional component of ego differs from person to person. Unconscious assumptions create emotions in the body which in turn generate mind activity and/or instant reactions. In this way, they create your personal reality. He also talks about relationship between mind of duck and human mind.



Origin of emotions

Eckert Tolle says that •The physical organism, your body, has its own intelligence, as does the organism of every other life-form. And that intelligence reacts to what your mind is saying, reacts to your thoughts. So emotion is the body’s reaction to your mind. 

You can join every Sunday this class session by click and registering your details on Zoom.

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Emotional bank account and Four autobiographical responses

Communications experts estimate, in fact, that :

1)only 10 percent of our communication is represented by the words we say. 

2)Another 30 percent is represented by our sounds, and 

3)60 percent by our body language. 

In empathic listening, you listen with your ears, but you also, and more importantly, listen with your eyes and with your heart. You listen for feeling, for meaning. You listen for behavior. You use your right brain as well as your left. You sense, you intuit, you feel.

You can join every Sunday this class session by click and registering your details on Zoom.

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Introduction to advanced Listening Skills | Online Training Course

I have started a new online training course. 

Do you know that 40% listening is part of 100% communication in our everyday and business life. 

I invite you to join it and pass on this info to your friends, colleagues and those who can get benefits from it. This is advance learning for those who want to excel at work and personal life.

Highly recommended for personal development and business produtivity

Here is introduction with training course. 

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How to repair Ego? |two dimensions of reality | Formless identity |Awareness who you are | Space, universe and Consciousness

We finished our online course last Sunday. 

1- Last episode covered key areas of our seen and unseen world. 

2- More importantly,  how to diminish ego through various methods and techniques.How to consider two dimensions of realities i.e. Materialist or seen world and spiritual or unseen?

3- What is essence of our true identity as Human being?

4- What is relationship between my identity and consciousness ?

5- How realities of space and universe creates my inner-space to make me unlimited from limited ?

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All videos of online course previous classes playlist can be accessed here:


Dreams | Perceptions are reality ?|You are Consciousness | surrender | Going beyond Limitations | Week 6 | Online Course | Maratib Ali Shad

Today, I conducted a great class session as group online coaching. We learnt and read various sources about the subject such as:

  • This world-Life is a merely dream? 
  • Who is dreamer ? 
  • Where contents of all these dreams come from ? 
  • Why non-resistance is key of salvation of problem of individuals and humanity
  • Why we perceive this world in terms of different forms? 
  • How we can be formless ?

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“Rediscovering Self – who truly I am?” Online Course

On 31st 2021, I started online video class room course on Zoom and Facebook page about rediscovering self – who truly I am. Today It was its fifth class session and still two to three classes remains.

I invite you to join each or all remaining class as it still lot of intellectual and spiritual benefits you can get.

Here is course outline of the all classes:

Course Outline

Week 1 | Truth of ignorance | Challenge our believes | Key astonishing thoughts of people at death bed

Week 2 | Start to you who you are ‘NOT’ actually | You cannot define yourself actually

Week 3 | abundance, Psychoanalysis, personality assessment, Chaos, nature, Jungle

Week 4 | idea of Good and Bad | How to see world and events

Week 5 | Present Time | The paradox of Time | Elimination of Time

Week 6 | Dreams & going beyond the limitation

Week 7 | Ego and the true Happiness

Week 8 | Practical workshop & QA


Introduction and important of this course can be watched in the attached video where I explained why rediscovering is extremely crucial for my life and quality of my existence.

Do you define yourself as gender-sex, ethnicity or skin colour, language and place, religion or community etc ? 

or as parent, child, spouse, Boss, employee, activist, politician etc? who you are truly actually?? 

How many identities you have? 2,3,7,10 or more? 

Yuval Noah Harrari says ” if you feel overwhelmed and confused by the global predicament, you are on the right track. Global processes have become too complicated for any single person to understand. How then can you know the truth about the world, and avoid falling victim to propaganda and misinformation?

By the way it is true. if we see we also in self-deception to define my ‘Self’ who truly I am actually. All things and people are biased, categorised and ranked into superior and inferior, right and wrong, good and bad and surrounded by multiple borrowed social identities of race, language, place and religions etc. However, biggest tragedy is we don’t know about your true Self and hence we make false judgements about myself and poorer perceptions the outer world and make risky actions. Logically, it leads to suffering, failure, mediocrity, fears, pain and collapse internally and world affairs until we wait for our miserable time of death.

This online group coaching classes live video series will address all issues to understand, research about ‘My Self’ who is human-unit of this entire planet. Our approach will be intellectually, philosophical and spiritual. 

If you are and remain live as confused person and want to have larger clarity to become truly successful in personal and professional life, in relationships, financially and socially than you must have super-clarity about who you are truly to transform your perceptions, paradigms and action-steps totally to feel ultimate happiness, live-longer and fear free.

This course will help you to cope better your life challenges at personal, work and social levels. 

Click the link to register to join us every Sunday for an hour only. This one hour out of 168 hours a week will help you to completely change for ever.

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Moments of Now | Past and Future | The paradox of Time | Elimination of Time

  1. Are you confused about concept of Time? 
  2. Why does Time control our lives? 
  3. Why we are victim of illusion of Time?
  4. Does Time exist ? 
  5. Do Past and Future exist really?
  6. What is relationship between my Ego and Time?
  7. How and why to live in present moment? 
  8. What is power behind Now?

We had a great class today and you could be part of next Sunday class also by following links:

Also you can access recording of this one of class session on YouTube.

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Love Hate Relationships Understanding opposite gender psychology

On 5th Sept 2021, I started a brand new group Coaching series on Relationships especially Husband and Wife or Boyfriend and Girlfriend or between partners. Here is Episode No. 1 with key notes bullet points along with video recording.

Do you have feelings of being victimise ?

Do you have conflicts of other opposite gender ?

Do you have anger and fears about your spouse ?

Why you have not able to build successful relationship with key people such as wife, Boss and husband or parents etc. 

Spiritual authority Eckhart Tolle says that unless and until you access the consciousness frequency of presence, all relationships, and particularly intimate relationship, are deeply flawed and ultimately dysfunctional.

Stephen Covey of book ‘The 7 Habits’ also revealed secrets behind long-lasting relationships in his book The 3rd Alternative. 

In this profound on-demand class, we will read, learn and go into deep about causes of broken relationships, its healing and covert them into ideal relationships.

This exciting class for individuals, husband-wife, Boss-employee and conflicts genders. 


Love and Fight between Man and Woman | Romantic & Addictive Relationships

Today, I conducted an intense group coaching live online session on Zoom and Facebook group and I think it is worth to share with you to access its video recording and key notes as:

  • Why we become addicted of the things, like smoking, Technology, friend etc.
  • Does addiction cause pain and unhappiness?
  • Why people do intense love in romantic relationship?
  • Can we fight with each other in true love?
  • You are man and complete person?
  • You are woman and complete person?
  • How we can remove pain of past events?
  • Does avoidance of relationship helps to remove pain?
  • Can failed relationships bring true peace and salvation?

Eckart Tolle says that the reason why the romantic love relationship in such an intense and universally sought-after experience is that it seems to offer liberation from a deep-seated state of fear, lack, and incompleteness that is part of the human condition in its unredeemed and unenlightened state. There is a physical as well as psychological dimension to this state. 

This second episode is continuity of our new learning series on Love-Hate relationships we learnt last week. If you want to improve and quality of relationship with your loved one, wife, husband etc this class can give you lot of take-homes.



How can I recreate Life| Why to remove sufferings and fears (Life’s Holistic view) | Maratib Ali Shad

Is there any magic trick that we could remove sufferings and fears from my life?

We as human being in modern age thinks that we are what our mind operates and control us. However, reality is mind is part of our whole being and existence. We as being controls our mind, our mind does not control us. That mind’s egoistic nature keep us away from present moments and put us in past bad experiences all the times. Our minds also predicts upcoming fears to destroy our present.

In this video, We will try to understand the nature of mind and higher consciousness with its unlimited grip on our creativity.

This mind blowing and can change your life. This video session recording will give you great learning interactive experience on white board.

You can find video link of recording of this class and share with others please.

Here is way to enrol / register / join my next free class and sessions:

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Love heals ! Did you know?

Psychiatrist Dr. David Hawkins says that on the level of love, we are heartfelt, generous, nurturing, affectionate, steadfast, and forgiving. Love is protective, collaborative, uplifting, holistic, and gracious. It is characterised by warmth, gratitude, appreciation, humility, completion, vision, purity of motive, and sweetness.

We are starting a new live group class series on ‘LOVE’.

In this thoughtful class session on Sunday, we will discover different hidden description of the phenomenon of do Love and being loved. Love is both a verb and noun.

Scroll down to find video recording of this event class.

Key points :

• Why you must Understand the ‘LOVE’ with deeper thoughtful and spiritual way

• How we can get rid of negative emotions ?

• How you can increase your 10 years in your life ?

• Does love heal you body , is it joke ?

• Understanding the popular sentence “How I can help you” ?

• How we can light up our inner and outer world?

• How we can transform our life?

• Story of the Duck Hunter

• How and why you can ready for sacrifice and live for others only ?

• How you can turn your anger into Loveable being ?

Why do you not forgive others?

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Why and How to build relationship free from pain, with unconditional love?

Psychiatrist Dr David Hawkins finds out that only 0.04% of the population experience the state of unconditional love. 

We live in very complex world of relationships with people and objects. Often we associate with them for selfish and egoistic fullfilment. Purity and sincerity between husband and wife, parents and children , Company and employees, politicians and the people are seldom seen. 

When we do unconditional love, we are empowered by inner joy, faith, ecstasy, patience, compassion, persistence, essence, beauty, synchronicity, perfection, surrender, rapture, vision , and openness.

If you are struggling with gaining and restoring unconditional relationships, then this group session is for you. You will study and learn most sophisticated interactive learning experience.

Key Learning (Highlights) : 

• Do you know that only 0.04% number of people have experienced  state of unconditional love?

• Forgiveness and process of unconditional relationship.

• On the level of unconditional love, we love everybody and everything – even Adolf Hitler?

• When you can feel and maintain miraculous energy to do everything?

• How process of surrender and love work together?

• Why heart always wins over mind?

• How we can love with someone without any expectation?

• How we can avoid pain and suffered great from as agent of loving person?

• How we can do self-help to detach with the pain?

• What happens when we violates the law of love?

Don’t miss to register by click the following link and join the class session:


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Science, Rationality and consciousness (Part 2)

why science is incomplete paradigm to discover and contemplate with absolute realities about our life and cosmology. How we can see holistic view our life for true success with science and meta-physical realities with spirituality and consciousness.

This is life changing class session and if you are enough courage to learn new paradigm of the life and cosmology, you can watch it and join our next session on Sunday. 

Three ways to enrol / register / join my next free class and sessions:


2- Facebook LIVE on

3- Live Stream link.

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Courage, being courageous means and consciousness Series (Part 1)

Recently I have started new series on Courage and its different spiritual dimensions, by Dr. David Hawkins with my captions and some interpretations.

Here is episode 1 and its contents, key questions and video recording.

Key contents:

•How we can have great feelings of “ I can”

•Why some people are more resilient ?

•To become courageous what level of consciousness we are?

•Why are we not doer of the world ?

•How we can have inner self-confidence and less concerned with security?

•Why people are not able to change their paradigm or whole worldview?

•Are belief systems fix or changeable ?

•Are you ready to experience uncertainty, confusion and being upset and discomfort, temporarily but why ?

Three ways to enrol / register / join my next free class and sessions:


2- Facebook LIVE on

3- Live Stream link.

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Science of ‘Mind and Body’ Series – (Part 1/3)

Last Sunday, I conducted a session on my brand new series on ‘Mind and Body’ from Dr. David Hawkin’s literary works. 

Here, I am sharing some key questions of which we explored answers.

Do you know?

• Does brain controls mind or Mind controls brain? Brain is origin of mind or Mind is origin of brain?

• Why laughing is a method cancelling negative thoughts?

• What is multiple personality disorder (DID)?

• How Pandemic or epidemics  spread in the society through mind or virus?

• How Hypnosis does work ?

• Menstrual periods in woman have connections with Psychological mind ?

• Matter controls energy or energy controls matter ?

What is law of consciousness ?

I invite you for life changing online class/sessions on this Sunday with following details.

Session 2 : Relationship between Body and Mind (Part 1/3)

Three ways to enrol / register / join this free class and sessions:

1-  You are invited to a Live Zoom class session (with screen slide share)

When: Every Sunday, 01:00 PM London UK local time

Register in advance for this free class / session :

2- Facebook LIVE on (for members only- You must join the group in order to watch live on group homepage) 

3- Youtube Live Stream link.

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Get ready for pen and paper and lot of will to learn and apply to change your thinking and life. It’s free class with two sessions. 

Here is link of recording of the session:


9 Factors of “The 7 Habits” still relevant today?

Stephen Covey wrote a foreword note in 25th anniversary edition of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 

There are 9 challenges of modern world but still 7 habits will remain habits for next 100 years and why ?

In this episode, we will only explore following factors :

1- Fear and insecurity

2- Wants / Needs

3- Blame / Victimism

4- Hopelessness 


Origins of Fear, Reflections, shadow and Clouds of Fears – Part 4(b)

Key Points: 

1) Take the same protective actions out of love rather than out of fear.

2) Each of us has within us a certain reservoir of suppressed and repressed fear.

3) fear attracts fear just as its corollary is true that love attracts love

4) The unconscious mind is not polite

5) The unconscious is crude and uncivilized

6) fear of the opinions of others

7) people who have acknowledged the content of their own shadow have no interest in crime, violence, and fearful disasters.

8) One of the blocks to emotional development is the fear of what lies buried in our unconscious

9) the self cannot become healed and whole unless we look at and acknowledge the shadow.

Fear comes in many forms: unease, worry, anxiety, nervousness, tension, dread, phobia etc.

David Hawkins talks about taking the same protective actions out of love rather than out of fear.

Can we not care for our bodies because we appreciate and value them, rather than out of fear of disease and dying? 

Can we not be of service to others in our life out of love, rather than out of fear of losing them? 

Can we not be polite and courteous to strangers because we care for our fellow human beings, rather than because we fear losing their good opinion of us? 

Can we not perform our job well because we care about the recipients of our services, rather than just the fear of losing our jobs or pursuing our own ambition? 

Can we not drive carefully because we have a high regard for ourselves and care for our welfare and those who love us, rather than because we fear an accident? 

On a spiritual level, isn’t it more effective if, out of compassion and identification with our fellow human beings, we care for them rather than trying to love them out of fear of God’s punishment if we don’t?


Healing of the Fear| Power of LOVE | Loving Therapy| Lessons from David Hawkins|

If you are scared of something and have fears, they stop you to go further ahead in your life, you can watch this video that may help you.

Key content:

1- Fear is pandemic

2- Case study

3- Fear is healed by Love

4- Love is letting go of fear

5- lessons from David Hawkins

6- What is psychological fear?

7- What is real fear?


Online Event Positive Emotions, Crisis, Healing the past by Maratib Ali Shad

Stephen Covey says in “The 7 habits of highly effective people” that “We are not our feelings. We are not our moods. we are not even our thoughts….”

Last week we learning and shared about difference between thoughts and emotions and managing them.

This week we will read and learn about :

1- How to enhancing the positive emotions. 

2- What are positive emotions such as Love and Joy?

3- Why and how to handle Emotional crisis ?

4- How we can “Healing the past”

Atheism, Islam Religion, Self-Help

Is Buddha a lost or forgotten prophet of Muslims ? – Six Key research questions to the Muslim Intellectual World – a quest from post-modern Muslims

Spirituality is directly linked with various paradigms such Enlightenment, Ultimate reality, Personal development or purification of thoughts & hearts, Oneness of the universe, inner-Peace and even with knowing the true God.

Siddhartha Gautma (500 BCE) transformed as Buddha in India/Chinese origin, is considered and world widely accepted as spiritual or philosophical inspiration across all civilisations such as Eastern religions or philosophies and Western world. Historically, advent of Buddha period was started after Hinduism and before Islam-Judaism-Christianity and others. I will specifically address here acceptance of Buddha as prophet in Islamic context where there are strong evidences reflect that Buddha could be one of thousands of prophets from God who were sent down on earth for the guidance of the people.

Buddha and his philosphy’s does influence greatly, upon many intellectual and domains from classic to modern and then post-modern eras. Buddha’s commandments, sayings and wisdom often are quoted in both eastern and western intellectual world. Of course, it does inspired to modern educated Muslims too. It is also important that there are so many common grounds between Islam and Buddhism. Therefore, Buddhist have always been living peacefully ( with minimise conflict or history of any kind of violence ( under Muslim political regimes in different part of the world in India, Central Asia & Indonesia).

Once, as a Muslim, I thought that wisdom of Buddha is very relevant and applicable in the contemporary complex world to address the mostly psychologically and philosophical issues in mostly domains of modern life. Many authors, gurus, spiritual masters and business leaders do get influenced by Buddha and his wisdom in many ways.

As Muslim, there could be many following criterion to accept and admire Buddha for his worthful and spiritual teachings :

  1. If we would find any clear or indirect clues in the Holy book of Quran and in Muslim recorded authentic traditions, about such a person that could be Buddha as our previous prophet or Nabi or holy person such as ‘Luqman’, ‘Keizer’ before advent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in 570 AD ?
  2. Being a Muslim, how much extend we can take guidance from life and teachings of previous Prophets such as Jesus (PBUH), Moses (PBUH), David (PBUH), Ibrahim (PBUH) etc.? If yes than why not from Buddha if he would also be proven as prophet?
  3. There could be possibility that Buddha was lost or forgotten prophet of the Muslims and if it is, then why and what make us to deprive to get benefits of his teachings side by side of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other prophet’s teachings or wisdom.

Great revolution Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions including later-caliphs brought from Arab along with Mediterranean region, was most profound in terms of civilisational development, social justice, Tauwheed & Theological , political expansion and of-course purification of hearts and mind through super humanistic and secular values such as tolerance, compassion, love, mercy, integrity & serenity.

It is important to know that there were major developments in fundamental domains such as ‘Science’ had not been addressed in pre-Islamic era till 750-800 CE. Later, science and related modern subjects were flourished with great contribution of chain of Muslim scientists and intellectuals such as Jabir Ibne Haydn, Al-Razi, Al-Khawarzmi, Avicenna, Ibn Rushd etc.

Similarly realms of philosophy were filled by earlier Muslim philosophers such as Al-Kindi, Al-Gazzali, Ibn Arabi , Rumi and Mutzalites in addition with Islamic modernists in last few centuries. Through Islamic mystic traditions we know that our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to meditate and spend lonely in the caves, away from his family house in the city. A large number of common Muslims and Islamic scholars consider Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also as ultimate spiritual master. There are many authentic sayings that reflects importance of purification of hearts, inner-self and recognising true God through self-discovery. In today’s world, these prophetic ways of struggle to achieve pure inner-self has been institutionalised known as Sufism, ‘Tasawwuf’, a mystic or philosophical version of Islam.

In the fields of personal development and spirituality, a very few Muslims philosophers have contributed as compared to size of geographical regions of 1.8 billion Muslim population across the world i.e. almost 1/4 th of the whole world. Those were included Rumi (1207 C.E.), Ibn Arabi ( 1165 C.E.) Al-Ghazali (1058 C.E.), Iqbal (1877 C.E.) and hundreds of local regional Sufi sheikhs in some Muslim countries.

Modern educated Muslims feel that they do not see clear and direct foundations/guidance from original Islamic literature in today’s pro-Islamic civilisation about modern subjects, issues, challenges and realms of personal and professional or business life such as Psychology, Human behaviour, Self-help, entrepreneurship and monies, Personal and leadership development.

Unfortunately, it seems that Muslims have done very little intellectual and practical works in this context, perhaps, due to the huge gaps and discontinuity with previous asset of Muslim scientists and philospher’s generations many hundreds years ago.

  • 4 In this context, If we Muslims would own Buddha’s philosophy and take its pearls as part of Islamic faith, perhaps, considering Buddha as prophet like others previous prophetic traditions, then we as Muslim individuals, groups and families can reconnect rich Islamic heritage in modern lines. Especially, we can empower ourself, explore self-improvement and purification of thoughts, discover Self and continue to re-write pure wisdom that fulfil challenges of modern Muslim minds.
  • 5 – On the other hand, being a dedicated Muslim, can we learn and explore Buddha’s and his teachings on secular level to cope the modern intellectual challenges?

There could be great benefits for Muslim youth to own Buddhist teaching to keep them inside folds of Islam because there are large concentrated intellectual and spiritual groups in the external world who owns Buddhist teachings as atheistic philosophy. Many people born and brought in western world are inspired by Buddhist philosophy certainly.

  • 6 If we try to connect Buddhist teaching as Islamic heritage along with Prophetic and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) traditions than we can turn many scattered intellectual Muslims minds as ‘Theist’. Therefore, they can work positively in contemporary world towards peace and relevant modern developments in Muslim lands and across the world.

I believe that interesting results from above mentioned research questions or intellectual work to perceive and follow Buddhist teachings in Islamic paradigms, may also help the youth and modern educated Muslim community, keep away from fall into atheism.


Happiness – Why some people live longer ? What factors are involved?

Main reasons to live longer:




•Life circumstances

•How we think and act – our response

Why Some countries are more happier?

Why Some countries are more unhappy ?

How we can measure happiness?

Factors more important contributing to happiness.

Can Money buy happiness?

Why People of Denmark are more happier than other countries?

Book reference: Thrive –  Finding happiness the Blue Zones way by Dan Buettner


Are you scared of death ?

Are you scared of death?

People love to live longer but their lifestyle and thinking pattern and random motives do not allow their body to live longer. Longevity is something everybody must deserve except few among us why it is?

Physical intelligence allows our longevity genes to keep working on.

How physical fitness and exercise, Stress management and relaxation can play important role in our longevity and quality of the life?

Lets learn and discuss in the Sunday online free class session.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.

When: Dec 13, 2020 08:00 PM London

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Where are you from? Identity theft ? Conscience level understanding Part 2

Does society give you identity or yourself?

Are your Country, religion, language, gender, sex, disability your identity? 

Your identity is your various system inside your body, mind or heart?

Your identity is reshaped by your nurturing or nature?

What is possible best solution or understanding of identity crisis ?

What is meant by surviving identities?

What is conscience and your greatness?



Hate your job? | Job dissatisfaction | Why Need Career Change?| Why How?| Maratib Ali Shad


1- Why you need job or work or career?

2- Why do you want this job?

3- What are main causes of job dissatisfaction?

4- Why we’re facing a ‘Good Jobs’ crisis?

5- Why Personal mission statement is important?

6- How you can change your career step by step?

7- How you can combine your knowledges, fields and skills to create new job?



Who am I? Physical or Spiritual Being?


1- Our senses and physical world
2- What are meanings of facts?
3- External world and external reality
4- Relationships and universe
5- Inside me
6- Ego, superego and its development
7- Inside myself
8- Real vs Factual world
9- What is Spirit, soul, conscience?
10- Comparison between Ego and Spirit?


Discover yourself Find your voice |Action, Thoughts, Emotions|Part 2|

Are you product of your actions?
Are you product of your thoughts only?.
or what you are due to your emotions?