How does ‘Realism’ influence on the world in relationship with Consciousness?

Do you want to become Sheep or Wolf in life? What paradigm you can have? People, leaders and nations who believe in realism can face catastrophic results both positively and negatively. You can know in this video and you can comment with your thoughts or question if you have any, please.

David Hawkin says in his book that:

it is a significant error to assume that others share one’s same values.

•Throughout history we see the cost of this naiVeté. 

Consciousness calibration instantly reveals the essence of the wolf hidden in the appearance of a sheep.

It is a severe error to misperceive, not a minor one. 

UK Prime Minister Chamberlain’s lack of realism (cal. 185) led to his failure to protect his country. 

Consciousness calibration reveals the truth of any political or diplomatic conflict, as each side’s underlying intention can be instantly discovered. 

and much more 

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