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If you are not enjoying your current life then ?

Do you love or hate your Job? 

Do you enjoy or ditch in your relationship ? 

Why you don’t work with passion ? 

In this class, we will read key text from the legends about how and why we must enjoy our life in all roles. If we don’t enjoy it than how we can pursue enjoying by changing career or relationship. 

You can join every Sunday class session by clicking link below and registering your details on Zoom.

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Anyone can join it. Ideally computer /laptop with mic and speaker but any smartphone or tablet can work as well. 


Maratib Ali Shad

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Parenting and Children (Spiritual Reasons) In the light of Eckart Tolle’s work

Parents and Children (Spiritual Reasons) – Watch the intense episode for parents, adults and older people. Join the channel for more deepest thoughts based videos. #parentsupport #childrenswellbeing

•Parents may watch helplessly in incomprehension and disbelief as their little angel becomes transformed within a few seconds into a little monster.
•Children are not fooled by parents who try to hide their pain-body from them, who say to each other, “We mustn’t fight in front of the children.“
Parents often wonder how to deal with their child’s pain
•Some children learn subliminally about ego and pain-body simply by living with very unconscious parents.


Today I had great online class.
Stephen Covey in his book “The 8th Habit” says that It is one of the most powerful communication tools I’ve ever seen, because, while it is tangible and physical, it embodies a concept that is powerfully synergistic. This Talking Stick represents how people with differences can come to understand one another through mutual respect, which then enables them to solve their differences and problems synergistically, or at the very least through compromise. You can join every Sunday this class session by click and registering your details on Zoom.… It will also be live on following Facebook page:… Facebook 7 Habits group:… Subscribe YouTube channel for more videos and life changing contents:…

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Empathic Listening | Four Levels of Listening | Habit No 5 | First Seek to understand | Week 4

In context of Habit No. 5 by Stephen Covey says “If I were to summarise in one sentence the single most important principle I have learned in the field of interpersonal relations, it would be this: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood.”

He further says “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. They’re either speeding or preparing to speak. They’re filtering everything through their own paradigms, reading their autobiography into other people’s lives.”

I have started a new online training course. 

Introduction to the advanced listening skills

Do you know that 40% listening is part of 100% communication in our everyday and business life. 

I invite you to join it and pass on this info to your friends, colleagues and those who can get benefits from it. This is advance learning for those who want to excel at work and personal life.

Highly recommended for personal development and business productivity

Here is introduction with online free training course. 

You can join every Sunday this class session by click and registering your details on Zoom.


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Listening is core of Empathy and Synergy | Online Course | Ep-2

In this video, we will explore different dimensions of listing in relation to process of synergy and empathy at work and in family.

You can join every Sunday this class session by click and registering your details on Zoom.

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Some people perceive The 7 Habits as religious material ?

Taken from the book: The 8th Habit

Question Answer explained.

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How to discover natural skills, talents using Seven stories idea from the book?

1- Are Skills are better than degrees?

2- Can I learn any skills?

3- How we can be self-aware?

4- What do l love to do with transferable skills?

5- Am I good with managing people?

6- Shall I need to learn some trade skills ?

7- How I can prioritise my skills over one another?

Books reference:

What color is your parachute ? By Richard Bolles

Great Work Great Career by Dr Stephen R Covey

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Job seeker mindset vs Contributor Online class event

Watch the Class recording:

Rabindranath Tagore says:

I slept and dreamed that life was joy.

I awoke and saw that life was service.

I acted, and behold, service was joy. 


  1. Industrial Age Paradigm about Job Seeker
  2. Knowledge Age Paradigm of significant contribution
  3. Whole Person worker Intelligences
  4. Deep down career satisfaction on conscience level
  5. Three Types of Career-change, visualised


  1. Great Work Great Career, by Stephen Covey and Jennifer
  2. What Color is your Parachute by Richard Bolles

Abundance mentality is a paradigm
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Abundance Mentality | Core Values of Personal Success | Part 6

”The abundance mentality flow out of a deep inner sense of personal worth and security. It is the paradigm that there is plenty out there and enough for everybody”.

Recording contents of the session :

1- Difference between Abundance mentality and scarcity mindset?
2- Difference between Proactive and reactive, think win-win and lose-win or lose-lose, Synergy vs Authoritative,

3- What is personal security and personal worth
4- Relationship with humility, abundance, courage, integrity,
Duplicity, hypocrisy, arrogance, cowardice,

5- Limited and unlimited resources

6- Five cancerous emotional behaviours by Dr Stephen Covey (The 8th habit book)

7- Why an Administrative Assistant raised voice in public for their group rights?
8- Why we fight at home, office and at nation levels?
9- How we can live in covid-19 ?
10- How and why we should be grateful and feel gratitude what I have?
11- Why some unprivileged people are happier than privileged people ?
12 – Is half glass full or half glass empty ?


Courage Core values
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Courage | Core Values | Foundation of Personal Success

Last week, I organised online video live session on Zoom media.
Here is outline:

  1. How we can define courage?
  2. Why courage is father of all virtues and values?
  3. Difference between fear and courage?
  4. Examples of courageous people
  5. Does courage help to mend relationships and addictions?
  6. Can we survive in Covid19 without courage ?
  7. Why some people remain backward and less privileged in their life?

Dr Stephen Covey,

“If humility is the mother, courage is the father of wisdom. Because to truly live by these principles when they are contrary to social mores, norms and values takes enormous courage”. 

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Discover yourself – Who Am I | Group coaching series | Part 1

Discover yourself – Who Am I ?

1- Identity crisis
2- Which things I born with and for?
3- Biological Being
4- Spiritual Being
5- Evolutionary Being
6- Entrepreneur Being
7- Brain storming QA
8- Who am I ? (Social Conditioning)
9- Who am I ? (Nature)
10- Who am I ? (Leadership Paradigm)
11- Find your voice – Dr. Stephen Covey’s paradigm

irepairman revolution
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SuperMan or iRepairMan!

You may have an idea of superman who possesses the powers of flight and super-speed, enough to help anyone in the city who is in danger. In the same way, iRepairMan in London can also fly to your office and home to fix your smartphone when you are desperate and cannot use your broken phone. Funny isn’t?

Smartphones and gadgets in houses and at work are so integral for productivity of the desired results for leaders. People of all ages including youngsters, Parents, Directors, Managers, employees, they yield maximum out of their smart devices.

Imagine if your smartphone is dropped and broken, it would be too difficult to use it or screen completely gone black or battery gone flat, unable to charge, while you were outside on the road, in the fieldwork, house or in office meeting? How you will react? Your daily goals will be less accomplished, is not? Your data on the device will also be in danger when you move to your nearest high street local phone repair shop. Shop guy will take few days to return back your phone or tablet after fixing with possibly low quality of parts, is not?

Here is great news for smartphone users!

I came across iRepairMan services in London, who help the people and organisations across London, almost in all towns and its countryside, by visiting their places where they are and surprisingly repair their Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy etc on the spot within few minutes let’s say 15-25 minutes, in front of you. Is not really amazing or dreamy?

iRepairMan have team of experienced mobile phone Technicians everywhere in the London to replace new screen, brand new battery, fixing charging ports or on-demand liquid damaged, of your smart devices.

Accidental damage can be happened anytime, but repair cannot be done everywhere. Good News is that iRepairMan come to your place anywhere. If you are unable to carry out repair in your home, flat or office, not an issue. They can still meet you to repair device, at any nearest coffee shop, restaurant, saloon or even a public open space. Typically, they need small workspace top, small or medium table, while you drink tea and quick nice table talk. In some advance repairs, they may require some electric socket facility to run electrical tools & machines to conduct repair of some android devices or rear glass replacement of some latest iPhone models.

Data feed in the devices is very important for business and corporate organisations. iRepairMan do not ask access data to unlock your devices. They are enough confident that without any inside software troubleshooting, they can just repair device on hardware & at physical level. Your data will remain absolutely untouched, secure and saved.  It is also important that during the repair and after the repair, your data will never be lost, 99.99% guaranteed. You phone data such as credentials, photos & videos, contacts, files etc would only be in danger when your phone seems dead or no signs of life, before starting the repair or liquid damaged. It is glad to know that iRepairMan had saved data from the smart devices of hundreds of customers when their phone was dead before repair, fortunately.

iRepairMan have many success stories from customers having their phone fixed at public places & restaurants such as Macdonald, Starbuck, Costa, Caffe Nero, Pret a Manger etc. Many suitable places for repair are shops and open space near tube or train stations across London. They conduct hundreds of repairs outside office and homes. It is no dream now.

Patients with their families and relatives, in hospitals, in evening and night-time also break their smartphones. Imagine how it would be painful for them to contact and access their data on their broken device. iRepairMan team also go clinics and hospitals to fix phones & devices, out of hours. They work 7 days a week till late night. It gives big relieve to them and technicians are happy to help the communities. Place like Royal Brompton hospital, St Thomas Hospital, Northwick park hospital, Royal London Hospital, University College Hospital etc. are places where in cafe they can conduct repair and finish within few minutes of appointment.

There are so many construction projects and sites development are undergoing and is part of urban life of beautiful London. A number of labours, masons, painters, builders at construction sites use their smartphones and break them. Dust and dirt enter inside smartphone body, enough to damage charging ports, loudspeakers and ear speakers, are everyday issue they fix at their sites. iRepairMan visit their building towers sites to fix their cell-phones. Is not exciting?

Millions of visitors, socialites and tourists visit London for many reasons and stay at Hotels. They take large number of photos and record video clips and work for their personal and professional capacities. After breaking their devices for some reasons, they cannot access photos, videos, notes, emails, text messages or any social media accounts. iRepairMan helps London visitors to fix their phones in Hotels & Inn such as Travelodge, Hyatt Regency London, City Continental London, Crowne Plaza, Hilton London, Suites etc. iRepairMan visit hundreds of hotels every year to help stayers to repair their mobile phones and smart devices. Especially, on several occasions such as new year celebrations, Christmas and in Summer, our mobile phone technicians are extremely busy to helping tourists across London staying places. Usually they carry repair work in lobbies of the building.

Team iRepairMan have commitment to serve people & businesses across London in fixing their technological smartphone, gadgets at their ease and convenience, they promise. It is no more dream now that an experienced Technician can visit your location anywhere in London and fix your phone or smart devices on the spot, in front of you. 

You can book your device repair for same day via website, phone call, WhatsApp, Email and live webchat. They offer 24 hours office support, anytime wherever you are, they promise. 

For more information you can visit website