I am an individual with various capacities and experiences. I am a certified Life Coach and exploring my career in Coaching, Training and Mentoring. I am also competent Senior Administrative Leader, Time-Management and Planning Trainer, Colleague, Blogger, Campaigner, Thinker, Researcher and Social person.

Maratib Ali Shad (File Photo)

I am in continuity of my successful previous roles of Senior Administrative Assistant and Team Leader at LUMS University and Wimbledon, London Olympics 2012.

In addition, I am strong believer in spiritual and social benefits of volunteering works therefore I am also Parent Governor at Local Public School and Volunteer for older people for local Library on behalf of Brent Council.

I am also establishing my own business in Life Coaching/ trainings/ mentoring business services and building network in this cause of human development and unleashing potential.

My life vision and philosophy is influenced by works of Dr. Stephen R. Covey and his company Franklin Covey, for Human Development and unleashing potential through habits and principles of Success. Dr. Stephen R. Covey was a successful writer and contributor to mankind who was leading authority globally, in different subjects such as Leadership Trainings, organizational behavior, Effectiveness, Personal development, Voice finder, Relationships, Family system, Teens growth and Self-help.

I am also working on a writing project of subject Positive Psychology, Religion in context of Personal Development. The spiritual cause behind is promotion of Positive Thinking within religious communities.

I believe that everything is possible under ‘free will’ given by God, power of initiative, principles, character ethics, habits of success and every person is born by birth with same tool-sets, skill-set and intelligence(s) of body, mind, heart and spirit.

I cordially invite you to my professional and social networks.

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