Twelve steps in removing the blocks to quit ‘Addiction’

Do you have guilt about not being able to control your addictive substances in-take every day?

Do you want to know how to quit your bad addictive behaviour step by step?

This episode can be helpful for you. Click below to Watch and listen and make notes if you are really serious about it.



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How to Quit any Addiction | Drugs|Alcohol | Porn|Video Games| Gambling|Lust etc

Addiction like Drug-Heroine/Gambling-Money/Food-Health/Smoking/Video Games/Internet/Excessive-Work/Alcohol etc is seen everywhere and everyone. 

Unfortunately, there are many myths and poor misunderstanding to know about Addiction and us including Teens, adults, communities, and nations are suffering of it.

I have designed a free online course for you where you and me both will learn and do activities altogether. We will understand Truth about Addiction, emotional states and why it is so dangerous. More importantly, how to recover from any addiction, step by step process we will learn and follow.

Click below to register to join and bookmark for Sunday 60 minutes class session on Zoom and Facebook Live! 

I believe these weekly sessions can help you to quit any addiction you have and improve quality of life in all roles and achieve your goals with serenity.

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