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If you are not enjoying your current life then ?

Do you love or hate your Job? 

Do you enjoy or ditch in your relationship ? 

Why you don’t work with passion ? 

In this class, we will read key text from the legends about how and why we must enjoy our life in all roles. If we don’t enjoy it than how we can pursue enjoying by changing career or relationship. 

You can join every Sunday class session by clicking link below and registering your details on Zoom.

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Anyone can join it. Ideally computer /laptop with mic and speaker but any smartphone or tablet can work as well. 


Maratib Ali Shad

skills development, Talent hunt

Part 4 – Discover your Talent


1- Talent refers your capabilities and skills to produce
2- Talent and Passion both are irreversible
3- Talent is function of brain but brain gather info and understand facts only
4- Nurturing or nature ?
5- Talent is all about skills development
6 – Manual Skills and Leadership skills
7- Types of skills and talent