Dreams | Perceptions are reality ?|You are Consciousness | surrender | Going beyond Limitations | Week 6 | Online Course | Maratib Ali Shad

Today, I conducted a great class session as group online coaching. We learnt and read various sources about the subject such as:

  • This world-Life is a merely dream? 
  • Who is dreamer ? 
  • Where contents of all these dreams come from ? 
  • Why non-resistance is key of salvation of problem of individuals and humanity
  • Why we perceive this world in terms of different forms? 
  • How we can be formless ?

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Online Event Positive Emotions, Crisis, Healing the past by Maratib Ali Shad

Stephen Covey says in “The 7 habits of highly effective people” that “We are not our feelings. We are not our moods. we are not even our thoughts….”

Last week we learning and shared about difference between thoughts and emotions and managing them.

This week we will read and learn about :

1- How to enhancing the positive emotions. 

2- What are positive emotions such as Love and Joy?

3- Why and how to handle Emotional crisis ?

4- How we can “Healing the past”