Coaching session between Eckhart Tolle and a client

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This is true story of a girl, explained by Eckart Tolle in his book. She said she felt lonely and unfulfilled. There was much anger and sadness. As a child she had been abused by a physically violent father. She was ready to awaken, and this is why she had come. Another dimension had come into her life that transcended her personal past—the dimension of Presence. I explained that I had just witnessed a major release in someone with a very dense pain-body and that what she felt must be some of the energy that was released during our session. My friend, however, didn’t want to stay and listen. She wanted to get away as soon as possible.

Here is class video recording for whole story.



Moments of Now | Past and Future | The paradox of Time | Elimination of Time

  1. Are you confused about concept of Time? 
  2. Why does Time control our lives? 
  3. Why we are victim of illusion of Time?
  4. Does Time exist ? 
  5. Do Past and Future exist really?
  6. What is relationship between my Ego and Time?
  7. How and why to live in present moment? 
  8. What is power behind Now?

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