‘Evolution of the Consciousness’ online Study Series

Consciousness is super-human-dimension where human feels deeply that he or she is a being.

In everyday life, we experience lower level of consciousness to higher levels. As we grow in our survival mode and have all basic things, it makes us shift to next conscious level of being joyful and in calmness and presence. Survival mode of consciousness revolves between shame, apathy, fear, grief and pride etc. Mostly 85% of people on this planet’s lives lie on this level unfortunately.

Once, you escalate from lower conscious level to higher level such as courage, neutrality, acceptance, willingness, reason and love, you become being with unconditional love and super-conscious.

Dr David R. Hawkins narrates the fact in his book “The Map of Consciousness Explained”, highest conscious-individuals fulfils the gaps of 85% people on this planet by counter-balancing it.

Intellectually, David describes seven sectors of life which touches the consciousness on deep grounds; animals, Love, Social leadership, Realism, Safeguards, Compassion, Counterbalance etc. and much much more.

Of course definition of ‘Consciousness’ is more and less same across all cultures. Such as شعور in Urdu , चेतना in Hindi we know it

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