How to repair Ego? |two dimensions of reality | Formless identity |Awareness who you are | Space, universe and Consciousness

We finished our online course last Sunday. 

1- Last episode covered key areas of our seen and unseen world. 

2- More importantly,  how to diminish ego through various methods and techniques.How to consider two dimensions of realities i.e. Materialist or seen world and spiritual or unseen?

3- What is essence of our true identity as Human being?

4- What is relationship between my identity and consciousness ?

5- How realities of space and universe creates my inner-space to make me unlimited from limited ?

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Dreams | Perceptions are reality ?|You are Consciousness | surrender | Going beyond Limitations | Week 6 | Online Course | Maratib Ali Shad

Today, I conducted a great class session as group online coaching. We learnt and read various sources about the subject such as:

  • This world-Life is a merely dream? 
  • Who is dreamer ? 
  • Where contents of all these dreams come from ? 
  • Why non-resistance is key of salvation of problem of individuals and humanity
  • Why we perceive this world in terms of different forms? 
  • How we can be formless ?

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What is Spiritual intelligence (SQ)? Conscienceness, Awareness, Inner freedom, Ego and God

Few days ago we had started new series started i.e. Solutions with Spiritual Intelligence.

Every Sunday, we do online free systematic class sessions and you can also become its part by click link below to register for it.  

Here is quick content list we learnt and shared:

Quick view of Four intelligences | Stephen Covey| 

1- What is Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) | 

2- The state of inner Freedom by Dr. David R Hawkins | Excerpts from book Letting Go | Reading with Maratib Ali Shad, co-hosted by Jeanne Ruud | 

What does life become when one continuously surrenders?

What is possible?

3- Three levels of consciousness by Dr. Deepak Chopra | Excerpts from book Spiritual Solutions | with Maratib Ali Shad

  • Level 1 – Contracted Awareness
  • Level 2 – Expanded Awareness
  • Level 3 – Pure Awareness

4- Discussion Questions | Psycho path | Ego Vs God_Conscience|  


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