Last Sunday on 6th March, I organised a class for online course on recognition of pain-body. You can watch on the following link to go into details and find the answers of such questions as:

Why our marriages are at risk to be failed most of the times?

Why husband and wife relationship is sometime so painful for each other?

Why an unimportant thought even trigger your pain-body to break-up your relationship with your spouse ?

How we can transform our relationship by having awareness about ourself ?

Why we become abusive and violent even in front of children?

You can join our online and live group course on “ How the process of Pain-body work? Follow the links to register and participate every Sunday, help yourself to change y our life completely. 

Eckart Tolle says in his book “A New Earth” that This dysfunctional thinking is what the body reacts to with negative emotion. The emotional component of ego differs from person to person. Unconscious assumptions create emotions in the body which in turn generate mind activity and/or instant reactions. In this way, they create your personal reality. He also talks about relationship between mind of duck and human mind.


Today I had great online class.
Stephen Covey in his book “The 8th Habit” says that It is one of the most powerful communication tools I’ve ever seen, because, while it is tangible and physical, it embodies a concept that is powerfully synergistic. This Talking Stick represents how people with differences can come to understand one another through mutual respect, which then enables them to solve their differences and problems synergistically, or at the very least through compromise. You can join every Sunday this class session by click and registering your details on Zoom.… It will also be live on following Facebook page:… Facebook 7 Habits group:… Subscribe YouTube channel for more videos and life changing contents:…