Eckart Tolle says in his book “A New Earth” that This dysfunctional thinking is what the body reacts to with negative emotion. The emotional component of ego differs from person to person. Unconscious assumptions create emotions in the body which in turn generate mind activity and/or instant reactions. In this way, they create your personal reality. He also talks about relationship between mind of duck and human mind.


Identity crisis, Who am I ?, Who are you?

Where are you from? Identity crisis Part 1

1- Do you have fear to being rejected when someone asks you “Where are you from”?

2- Why do we ask at work, meeting or in job interview?

3- Understanding conflict between Boss and employee, Husband and wife, Parliamentarians, Seller and customers.

4- Why there is chaos between Locals and immigrants?

Diversity does exist between cultures, places, religions, languages?

5- Is Racism real ?

6 – Conflict between West Germany and East Germany, India and Pakistan, 7 – Palestine and Israel, USA and Mexico

8- Why people discriminate others?

9- Why we do not trust?

10- Why we feel scare when we meet strangers?

11- Why we become defensive with others?

12- Why we stereotype or become racist? 

13- Dual mindset, Paradigms issues, Social Mirrors, Duplicate and mixed identity, 

14- What is identity theft?

Are you victim of identity theft? 

Or you know really know that who are you?

What do you think when someone ask your “where are you from”?