I Support Transformational Leadership for People of Pakistan for Taleem (Education), Tarbiyat (Training) & Huner (Technical skills)

I am Maratib. From the beginning of my super-conscious life after 2009, I was in Pakistan and my life transformed on a paradigm level and I started to see everything around me entirely differently and realistically. Before that, I was like a narrow-groomed street boy of Lahore as Lahori.  I was really passionate and emotional about Pakistan People’s Party  (PPP) as my Dad was a great fan of Bhutto and especially Benazir Bhutto. I remember that I used to wave PPP flag inside a room of my small-crowded house in Lahore, on election days in Lahore in the late 1980s & early 1990. However, Later in my life at a transformational stage, I realized deeply that core and effective change in the Pakistani society is only possible when we will work on a grass-roots level, in Slums, poor and less-privileged towns in cities and villages of Pakistan. I did categorically refuse to cast my vote to any political party in Pakistan. The main reason is that I firmly believe that politics is not a solution to solving issues of Pakistani living in the towns. I mean politics is important but not important than education. I also mean religion is important but not important than humanity and educational and safeguard training & development of primary level Pakistani children. Only real long-term impactful change is because of Taleem i.e. Education, Tarbiyat i.e. Training & Huner i.e. Technical skills.

The nations are set to achieve their national goals with a mission that gives the vision to lead generation to next 100 years. Usually, that nation is transformed with revolution whether it would bloodshed or as a result of the implementation of Titanic Educational emergencies in the countries.

I never support or convinced of achieving national success as a result of bloodshed based revolutions like few effective movements in Pakistan are already working on it. I am also not convinced of a capitalistic type of socio-economic system where Boss and money-worshipping has prevailed. I am convinced with changing the society through Taleem i.e. Education, Tarbiyat i.e. Training & Huner Technical skills. In this connection, if any political party in Pakistan has similar manifestations of Election 2018, I will be supporting them.

Millions of individuals and families have migrated from Pakistan for settlement in abroad (Arab countries, Europe, Americas etc), in last 30 years, for many reasons including terrorism, un-employability, dis-empowerment, severe insecure environment to grow rich families, rigid social barriers, selfish political agendas and people, poverty, illiteracy, pseudo-Muslim environment, religious sectarianism, failure of institutions and good governance, undefined and poor foreign policy and country borders, extremely limited opportunities to grow, highly lethargic and low pace of progress, unproductive and unprofessional state of mind of people and organizations and so on. These are few things to show at this time, nevertheless, there are also countless stories, incidents, and miseries of millions of people who are never told and expressed.

People are unable to locate the path of success because the infrastructure of Pakistan is unsupported and misaligned, enough, to leash potential and never realized. The people of Pakistan are strong but also a victim of global intellectual and imperial environment, and they do not have confidence and updated knowledge and skills to cope, compete and then lead it. Mentality and focus of the life of people are the focus on low-level of life that is Roti, Kapra, and Makaan. I believe that there are higher levels of life where Allah (God) has sent down man to use and explore intellect and moral values, but people of Pakistan are not ready and understand. Perhaps, people of Pakistan could not find any dynamic and trustworthy leaders after Quid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal after passing of even 65 years since national independence in 1947.

Change in the Society.
Pakistan Tehreek Insaf

In this complex age, Pakistan’s real identity and popular ideology of Two-Nation Theory is yet undefined on papers and controversial. People, groups, and organizations are fragmented with their opinions and hence people have lost their recognition and spiritual cause to be proud to be a Pakistani. People are really confused, seem like deaf and dumb or even more. I know these are very panic words for me and many but it seems a reality. Rights of Children, Gender and community discrimination, Human Rights, provincial prejudices, racism, corruption, dishonesty, and politics without principles are outer images of Pakistan.

Optimistically, I have high hopes and burning expectations from the visionary leadership of Imran Khan and his party. Election in Pakistan on 26th July 2018 would bring the biggest change which will affect, positively, all dimensions of people of Pakistan.

Personally, I do not have any bias views any political group and parties in Pakistan. I believe that many good people are working in politics. However, there are many reasons that why I support Imran Khan, of Election May 2013, in Pakistan:

  • I find Imran Khan as a true and transformational Leader, Courageous, Visionary, Honest, Steadfast, a man of integrity, believer of big change, Idealist and brave Pakistani Individual.
  • Imran Khan is indeed a successful individual who has transferred his vision to million people of Pakistan, effectively.
  • Imran’s heroic charismatic personality is full of Character Ethics.
  • Since my childhood, I could see Imran Khan as Heroic, bold and rocky individual.
  • Imran Khan chooses his spokesperson Andaleeb Abbas who is successful Leadership Instructor and CEO and she is also director of his Party’s Volunteer Tabdeeli Network and other departments.

Imran struggled openly and heartedly continuously for 17 years and became a true role model for millions of Pakistani in recent decades. He is the grand and social change agent who constructed First Cancer Hospital in ever history of Pakistan, lead Pakistan to win First Cricket World Cup in 1992, run a grand educational University College and gather experienced and most talented & honest people under one Party i.e. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf
In worse environment of terrorism and adverse circumstances of Pakistan, Imran Khan is considered as a genuine ray of hope and light upon darkness.

There are many other various reasons why I and people are supporting Imran Khan for this greatest cause to CHANGE i.e. New or Naya Pakistan.

I want to contribute in making ‘Naya Pakistan’ where moral values of humanity, cultural diversity and synergistic cooperation from all types of people, organizations, cities, and provinces can be practiced, where dignity, respect, humility, transparency, openness, freedom to live and let other to live, discipline, willing to sacrifice, competency, consistency and energetic bodies are observed.

I hope that ‘Naya Pakistan- Tabdeeli’ would flourish and change the mindset of people of Pakistan idealistically, with long-term perspective & natural believes of humanity and with the religious, philosophical and intellectual approach.

I want to see people of Pakistan would live optimistically and with an empathic feeling for everybody, where they embrace every challenge fearlessly, they are enough sensitive to motivate each other in a passionate way.

I have a dream that people of the world and especially Pakistani would have an alive conscience which makes them enthusiastic, humble, and compassionate and feels like a servant to help others.

Their courage would enable their potential to unleash.

I remember very well, during my childhood, once I showed my personal interest to become a cricketer, to my grandmother and she commented, in response, very clearly:

‘Imran khan Maawa’n roz roz nahee paida kerti’

Since, I and my family are settled in London, England, I would support Imran, Spiritually, and wish Pakistan to start a grand change through this election, insha’Allah!!!

Pakistan Zindabad!!!

Voice of Maratib Ali Shad ( London-UK )


Signs to be on Path-of-Mediocrity or Failure

In today’s world, everyone is running after success. They do not want to lose, yet they are eager to

You can be at one path either Greatness or Mediocrity (Failure)
Path of Mediocrity

find methods and shorter and longer techniques to achieve success. In this scarcity world, most of people are not successful because their adopted wrong methods to achieve it. Sometimes, they can see and feel their desired positions and dreams, however, they do not know ideal methods how to execute them and get 100% results. They become reactive and lethargic for achieving those things which can get by only following principles and natural laws. If they get some little wins but they could not sustained. In developed corporate world, people are frustrated to cope their challenges even they cannot count them on fingers, either they have too many ambitions or no. They are lost on their ways. They never could not found their voices. They are noise or part of it. Their own voices are lost and even they do not listen or care other. People are furious about their state of minds. They try to share itself but do not have courage to share with other. They are cowardice. They are non-shared and have limited vision. They want to upgrade it but do not know how and hence they are trapped by negative energies and unreal thoughts which deviate them from path of success.  One of their phobia is they do resist any change in life, hence they life and believes are not dynamic.

People have different perceptions about concepts of success. Since their paradigms and perspectives in same situations are different therefore their definitions are different. Regretfully, they do not even listen to their understanding of success. New ages are in progression but these conflicts and trends are increasing. I am wondering that why people do not listen other. Boss, Secretary, Manager, Director, Spouses, Environmentalists, Labors, politician and professionals, all have lost their voices. They are shouting on each other. Societies are lost and their legacy is no longer with them. People do not know what is empathy mean actually. They do not feel for learning.
As far their conscience turn into ego, they lost their trust on people and systems. They have no or doubtful faith on God spiritually. They install heavy packet of envy and Jealousy in their hearts because of inferior complex and egoistic.  Their passions are reflections of social mirrors. They do what ever people are doing and following. They are eyes sees as eyes of other. They are undisciplined and backward cultured. Their vision is limiting believes and not-shared. Their bodies become their own masters and lusty. At the end, they are set-on path of failure or straitjacket.
Their values of not their rather values of other people. Their approach of living is Outside-In. They become happy when they are treated well and vice-versa:

  • I am working for most ungrateful owner of the house who never appreciate my service.
  • I work full-time, I do regular visit Mosque or Church and have many friends but i am alone.
  • I have consulted many people and learned many courses, none of single can fulfill me.
  • I am not paid well yet i am working hard to impress other to increase it.
  • Do not under-estimate my spiritual believes they are very dearer to me.
  • My subordinates are not loyal as i pay and give them more incentives, i am losing my customers and company prestige.
  • My mother-in-law is very authoritative and she criticizes me and i have not relationship with her but pieces of gravels.
  • I am fed-up of financial and social injustice, i am organizing protest in front of parliament.
  • I would provide all necessities to my children even I am unprivileged.
  • My husband and wife have very complicated relation, either one of us can quit it.
  • this world is going to end and my goals are unfulfilled.

These are some little glimpses of general people yet they are wondering for their solutions. I have deep feelings with them. I am compassionate with them.

I believe that there is path of principles and rules of productivity that bring abundance mentality to people for solution of their problems.

I would like to share with you those secrets which have brought changes in the lives countless individuals, teams and organizations. In near future, I would be sharing those basic habits, principles and process of sequences and development which will guide to find your voice. Have you thought that you choose to deviate from path of mediocrity!!!