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Primary and Secondary Greatness (Lessons from The 7 Habits)

Last Sunday, I conducted online class session on key ideas from the book written by Professor Covey.
Author Stephen R. Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, talks about secondary greatness (social recognition for their talents) of many people is lack of primary great or goodness in their character. It is character that communicates most eloquently. 

In this session class, We will learn more in details about two types of greatness, which lies within oneself and why. More important we will read why it is important and difficult to maintain primary greatness. 


9 Factors of “The 7 Habits” still relevant today?

Stephen Covey wrote a foreword note in 25th anniversary edition of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 

There are 9 challenges of modern world but still 7 habits will remain habits for next 100 years and why ?

In this episode, we will only explore following factors :

1- Fear and insecurity

2- Wants / Needs

3- Blame / Victimism

4- Hopelessness 

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Science of Habits| Forming & Quit Unhealthy Habits | Foundation |

We had very engaging online Facebook session on “Science of Habits”, We encourage you to watch it and share it with friend and family. 

Key Contents:

1- Idea of habit  and revolution of book “The 7 habits of Highly effective people”

2- How Idea of Habits changed my entire life at work training program

3- Example trends of Healthy Habits

4- Trends of unhealthy Habits and lifestyles

5- Definition of Habit by Stephen R Covey

6- How we define Happiness

7- Why we build or form productive habits?

8- Foundation of making New Habits