THE MILL, THE STONE, AND THE WATER by Philosopher Poet Rumi

All our desire is a grain of wheat,

Our whole personality is the milling-building.

But this mill grinds without knowing about it.

The millstone is your heavy body.

What makes the stone turn is your thought-river.

The stone says: I don’t know why we do all this,

but the river has knowledge!

If you ask the river, it says,

I don’t know why I flow.

All I know is that a human opened the gate!

And if you ask the person, he says:

All I know, oh gobbler of bread, is that if this stone

stops going around, there’ll be no bread for your


All this grinding goes on, and no one has any


So just be quiet, and one day turn

to God, and say: “What is this about bread-making?”


(translated by Robert Bly)

Voiced by: Maratib Ali Shad


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