“Rediscovering Self – who truly I am?” Online Course

On 31st 2021, I started online video class room course on Zoom and Facebook page about rediscovering self – who truly I am. Today It was its fifth class session and still two to three classes remains.

I invite you to join each or all remaining class as it still lot of intellectual and spiritual benefits you can get.

Here is course outline of the all classes:

Course Outline

Week 1 | Truth of ignorance | Challenge our believes | Key astonishing thoughts of people at death bed

Week 2 | Start to you who you are ‘NOT’ actually | You cannot define yourself actually

Week 3 | abundance, Psychoanalysis, personality assessment, Chaos, nature, Jungle

Week 4 | idea of Good and Bad | How to see world and events

Week 5 | Present Time | The paradox of Time | Elimination of Time

Week 6 | Dreams & going beyond the limitation

Week 7 | Ego and the true Happiness

Week 8 | Practical workshop & QA


Introduction and important of this course can be watched in the attached video where I explained why rediscovering is extremely crucial for my life and quality of my existence.

Do you define yourself as gender-sex, ethnicity or skin colour, language and place, religion or community etc ? 

or as parent, child, spouse, Boss, employee, activist, politician etc? who you are truly actually?? 

How many identities you have? 2,3,7,10 or more? 

Yuval Noah Harrari says ” if you feel overwhelmed and confused by the global predicament, you are on the right track. Global processes have become too complicated for any single person to understand. How then can you know the truth about the world, and avoid falling victim to propaganda and misinformation?

By the way it is true. if we see we also in self-deception to define my ‘Self’ who truly I am actually. All things and people are biased, categorised and ranked into superior and inferior, right and wrong, good and bad and surrounded by multiple borrowed social identities of race, language, place and religions etc. However, biggest tragedy is we don’t know about your true Self and hence we make false judgements about myself and poorer perceptions the outer world and make risky actions. Logically, it leads to suffering, failure, mediocrity, fears, pain and collapse internally and world affairs until we wait for our miserable time of death.

This online group coaching classes live video series will address all issues to understand, research about ‘My Self’ who is human-unit of this entire planet. Our approach will be intellectually, philosophical and spiritual. 

If you are and remain live as confused person and want to have larger clarity to become truly successful in personal and professional life, in relationships, financially and socially than you must have super-clarity about who you are truly to transform your perceptions, paradigms and action-steps totally to feel ultimate happiness, live-longer and fear free.

This course will help you to cope better your life challenges at personal, work and social levels. 

Click the link to register to join us every Sunday for an hour only. This one hour out of 168 hours a week will help you to completely change for ever.

click here to register and join on Zoom from any device . Or watch live on Facebook by following link.

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You can invite your friend, family and colleague for make free registration and participate.  See you there.

click here to register and join on Zoom from any device . Or watch live on Facebook by following link.

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