Origins of Fear, Reflections, shadow and Clouds of Fears – Part 4(b)

Key Points: 

1) Take the same protective actions out of love rather than out of fear.

2) Each of us has within us a certain reservoir of suppressed and repressed fear.

3) fear attracts fear just as its corollary is true that love attracts love

4) The unconscious mind is not polite

5) The unconscious is crude and uncivilized

6) fear of the opinions of others

7) people who have acknowledged the content of their own shadow have no interest in crime, violence, and fearful disasters.

8) One of the blocks to emotional development is the fear of what lies buried in our unconscious

9) the self cannot become healed and whole unless we look at and acknowledge the shadow.

Fear comes in many forms: unease, worry, anxiety, nervousness, tension, dread, phobia etc.

David Hawkins talks about taking the same protective actions out of love rather than out of fear.

Can we not care for our bodies because we appreciate and value them, rather than out of fear of disease and dying? 

Can we not be of service to others in our life out of love, rather than out of fear of losing them? 

Can we not be polite and courteous to strangers because we care for our fellow human beings, rather than because we fear losing their good opinion of us? 

Can we not perform our job well because we care about the recipients of our services, rather than just the fear of losing our jobs or pursuing our own ambition? 

Can we not drive carefully because we have a high regard for ourselves and care for our welfare and those who love us, rather than because we fear an accident? 

On a spiritual level, isn’t it more effective if, out of compassion and identification with our fellow human beings, we care for them rather than trying to love them out of fear of God’s punishment if we don’t?


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