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Religions must re-combine with spirituality to be feasible in post-modern times

Though it is very clear and confident opinion, however, current form of religion exist in the world are lack of spirituality. Spirituality has become separate domain beyond religion that is sign of game changer events happened in recent centuries. All spirituality were deeply linked with their founders actually like Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Ram except Gautham Siddarth. Now religion is a lifestyle of groups and culture, but later with evolution of human development, their founders basis of spirituality were separated by jurists or modernists gradually. Now, we have religions with its essence. In this stage, I agree with Yuval Harari what he said in this video.
In contemporary times, many great religious people are emphasising and motivating on both religion+spirituality and they have been very successful in giving new identity of their followers nations such as Sheikh Nazim, Deepak Chopra and also Christian and Jews spiritual gurus. I think re-combining both religion and spiritual is most wisely approach for going forward. We cannot ignore religion to be more successful and wise.