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13 thirteen points on Nature of God (Creator) and its Creation in all major religions

Today I was reviewing one preaching small booklet that I found in my personal library. This is really interesting. It talks about why you should embrace that religion because of various core reasons. Author of the book invites the reader to start a journey from scratch until you embrace the truthiness of his religion. Therefore, this book does not have content page so that reader must read all pages one by one , chapter by chapter until Truth is revealed and accepted. This approach is convincing but I am not writing review on this book but my comments from one of its chapter that talks about comparative religious approach about nature or concept of idea of God and its relationship with the creation or outside world.

I am highlighting here main and quick heading of the idea, I would like to comments or at least make my point of concern or area of research I want to learn and explore.

Here are thirteen points about idea of God and its relationship with God’s creation in Judaism, Zoroastrianism and Islam along with Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.

  1. What is meaning of creation? Can a Creator create a Creation beyond properties as Creator?
  2. What are various strengths and weaknesses on all religions despite the facts that there are so many common range of morals and values. What actually weaknesses of all religions?
  3. If this entire universe is one and called God as pantheistic concept of God in Hinduism, that there is not creation exist actually, is that true? what is view of creation among Hindus ?
  4. I believe firmly and personally that pantheistic philosophical thoughts and faith group exist in all major religion as Sufi, Yogi, Buddhist Monk, Christian Monks, Kabbalist etc. so what their views are about relationship between God and creation.
  5. If we are universe, as oneness, then who and how entire universe full of billions of stars and galaxies, black holes etc. is running, without a Manager ? some spiritual people says that organiser is “Conscience” or “Conscience-ness” or God or Allah ?
  6. In Christianity, how finite Jesus (a Human) can be son of infinite God? Was Jesus creation of God? If not then how two opposite things (Jesus as limited humanistic needs and God with unlimited powers) can exist at the same time?
  7. How unlimited intelligent God can transform himself in form of human body and land on Earth as Jesus or Krishna who have almost all human needs such a hunger, thirst, sleep or sometime marriage like in case of RAAM- Krishna marry with woman.
  8. In Hindus believe how a Creator can incarnated himself as created or creation?
  9. If God did not had sex how he born his son Jesus ? if Jesus was his spiritual son that how Jesus was so limited (as in form of human body) as God can never be a human it is illogical and beyond intellect.
  10. If Buddhist believes that all things are creation of a man as ideas , not by God, then it means Buddhist do not believe on God, right? if yes then what is nature of that God? Does that God lies outside the mind or in form of soul exist forever in a Human being? what does a Buddhist call creation to , then ?
  11. According to Buddhist, everything else is just a speculation or who is The Creator for them?
  12. In Sikhism, Baba Guru Nanak Saheb, had mixed best part of Hinduism and Islam to form a new spiritual path called Sikhism.
  13. Did Baba Guru Nanak took Sufi idea of God and creation unlikely to mainstream Islamic concept where Allah-God and creation are separate from each other?

These are few thoughts I would like to know your answers and thoughts. Mostly points are related to nature idea of God in religion. However, I think nature of original God is more and less same in all religion. You can comment here by referring point no you want to comment on.

Regards, Maratib