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Invitation to the Truth | Acceptance | Consciousness |Ultimately reality| Healing the past| Fears|

Last week, I conducted a live session on Zoom, Facebook Group Live and Youtube. Here are key points I have mentioned.

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Key points:

•What is my personal responsibility to practice on acceptance.

•How we can remove fear of future ?

•How we can heal our past ?

•Why spiritual activities and works are important ?

•How we can we fix our Physical health issues?

•How we can remove external conflicts with people and world ?

•How we can manage negative feelings about outside of us?

•What is importance of consciousness and self-awareness?

•Why we need to develop interest in philosophy and scientific research and classic spirituality ?

•How we can live in our present ?

The hallmark of this state is the taking of responsibility for our own consciousness. Interest in meditation and the various methods of inner contemplation is common. Spiritual and ethical matters become important. We may, for instance, attend religious retreats if we are religious, or we may engage in spiritual or humanitarian endeavors if we are oriented toward those spheres.

The world is seen to be harmonious, and any alteration of that appearance is realized to be a projection onto it of our own inner conflicts. On this level, there is the awareness that all negative feelings are our own problem, and there is no longer looking outside of ourselves for their resolution.

In this deep thoughtful session, we will explore different larger dimensions of acceptance in the world. 

Please share and invite with your friend, colleagues and family to free enroll and participate every Sunday.


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