Black magic, diseases, Mind and body, Stress management

Consciousness, Mind and Body  ( Part 3/3)


Last Sunday, it was great discussion in the class.

Session 2 – Consciousness, Mind and Body  ( Part 3/3)

• How does black magic control us?

• How we can experience real peace without stress. 

• Do we create diseases in our minds?

• Understanding the Law of consciousness that governs us or is ultimately reality. 

• All modern treatments of stress Management are temporarily relieve or waste o monies and time consuming ?

• Why do some people are capable to heal and eradicate their own disease successfully?

• Does the medical science provide cure of all illnesses ?

• Why some people are never been able to be cured of their diseases?

.      Miracles happens or just fictions ?

The law of consciousness states : We are only subject to what we hold in mind. The only power that anything has over us is the power of belief that we give it. 

We use several methods to reduce stress management including chiropractic, Fitness, Nutrition, Massage, Acupuncture, exercises etc. but without a change of consciousness, there is no real reduction of stress. 

In this session, we will read and learn the reality that how our consciousness, mind and body works with another. 

Its mind blowing session. 

You can invite. Your friends, family and colleagues for this dress worthy session that could help you to change.

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