Science of ‘Mind and Body’ Series – (Part 1/3)

Last Sunday, I conducted a session on my brand new series on ‘Mind and Body’ from Dr. David Hawkin’s literary works. 

Here, I am sharing some key questions of which we explored answers.

Do you know?

• Does brain controls mind or Mind controls brain? Brain is origin of mind or Mind is origin of brain?

• Why laughing is a method cancelling negative thoughts?

• What is multiple personality disorder (DID)?

• How Pandemic or epidemics  spread in the society through mind or virus?

• How Hypnosis does work ?

• Menstrual periods in woman have connections with Psychological mind ?

• Matter controls energy or energy controls matter ?

What is law of consciousness ?

I invite you for life changing online class/sessions on this Sunday with following details.

Session 2 : Relationship between Body and Mind (Part 1/3)

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